pressure washing

Extreme Pressure Washing is the top power washing company in Nanaimo and the surrounding areas.

Our professional power washing techniques are safe and effective and will leave your home clean, restored and refreshed.  Pressure washing is not a project for the person who cuts your grass, cleans your pool or paints your house.  You will not get the same results and they will not use the same equipment and techniques that we do.  Would you hire your mechanic to fix your computer…of course not, he would probably do more harm than good!
You can trust us to clean your property effectively, affordably and safely so you can be proud of the results.


Residential Power Washing

Extreme Pressure Washing can pressure wash virtually any surface around your home including driveways, patios, siding, brick, stucco, stone, pavers, walkways, sidewalks, garages, benches, pool areas, and other specialty applications.  We have seen just about every dirty project you can imagine and we know how to clean your project correctly so you get the best results, at a fair price and without any damage.  Our professional techniques and equipment combine for great looking results that will leave your home looking fresher, newer and more inviting.
Look at some pressure washing projects and see the results you can expect from our professional cleaning.  You will notice how a clean surface makes everything around it look better and cleaner too!  Your painted surfaces will look freshly painted, Your landscaping will look livelier, your pool will look cleaner, and your deck will look newer.

We can gently clean your siding and kill all the mold and mildew that is making it look old and dirty.  DON’T REPAINT!!!  We can restore your siding back to like-new condition for a small fraction of the cost or re-painting your home.

Stone, tile and pavers are easily cleaned with our professional pressure washers!  We can remove all the dark stains and revive your outdoor areas to like new condition and bring back your pride of home ownership!

Dirty walkways are not only an eye sore but are also very dangerous to walk on.  Mold and mildew become very slippery when wet and can cause accidents.  You will also track all this green and brown stuff indoors on the bottom of your shoes which will ruin your carpet much faster than if your walkways were cleaned.

We can restore your wood decks and fences to like-new condition.  We pressure wash, and stain or seal your wood so it will last longer and save you money.  New looking decks and fences will increase your home’s value and is a must if you are selling your home because the last thing a buyer wants is to feel like they will be replacing an expensive fence or deck soon.

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