Regular maintenance on your garage door is essential to keep it running for years to come. A non-working garage door is always annoying, so it is better to maintain your garage door. According to garage door Vancouver services, if people choose to do DIY garage door maintenance, they will not only find their doors running reliably for years, but can also save some money and avoid having to call a technician for minor repairs. Following are the five DIY garage door maintenance tips suggested by garage door repair Vancouver to ensure smooth functioning of the door.

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Here are the four garage door maintenance tips:

Look and Listen

The first and foremost thing is to carefully inspect your garage door. Besides, visual inspection, you must also listen to your door. If you find any damaged part or hear any weird sound coming from your garage door, then there is surely some part not working well. If anything seems loose such as the roller brackets or bolts, tighten them up. Also, inspect and fix your garage door rollers. If you find that your rollers are aging, get some new rollers for replacement.

Replace Weather Sealant

The weather sealant that is fixed to the bottom of your garage door is an important part. It keeps the pests, weather and dust out. Carefully check the sealant for any crack, split or damage. If it’s damaged, then you will need to go ahead and replace it.

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Safety Check

Every automatic door is equipped with some safety features. One of those features would be auto reverse feature. Make sure that this feature works correctly to help keep everyone safe. In order to check this safety feature, you need to place a thick wooden plank on the ground right under the opener. Now, let your door close, if it stops after sensing the object, then the reverse feature is working otherwise you need to contact a professional to get it fixed.

Keep it Clean

Make sure you garage door clean, it is important to deter rust from setting in. Just like you clean your car, you can clean your garage door in the same manner. Use a gentle detergent added to some warm water and wash your door. With the help of a hose or power washer you can rinse it and then allow the door to dry. Once the door is clean, apply car wax to the door. This is vital to deter dirt from building up and for the protection of your door.

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