web design

Webgraffiti.ca is here to meet your Web design and development needs. We also offer custom Flash design, the newest interactive multimedia on the Internet. We have the resources you need for your business and home-based Web operations… We can build, maintain, promote, host, and rank your Website.

We also can help you with design, editing, and promotion/marketing of your E-Zines. We will take the utmost care to ensure your privacy and security as we give you the best possible Web presence.

Web Design

Webgraffiti.ca Web Design offers a wide range of services to all people on the web, from the entrepreneur to the person who just wants a web site of their very own. The capabilities of the Web are amazing, and if you’re not on it, you’re left off of the information highway… Thousands of people are discovering the web every day.

To become a part of the dynamic Internet you first have to have a web page. That is the service that we offer to you… the ability to become a part of the exciting life on-line! This is particularly important to the entrepreneur, for a whole new market awaits you on-line.

Amazing as the Internet is, it is nearly impossible to build your own website that will meet your needs and be tailored to your interests. Also, if you’re new to the web the lingo and marketing needs become confusing and challenging. Becoming a success on the web is not easy, however Webgraffiti.ca Web Design try to make the transition as easy as possible for the entrepreneur.

These resources are for you to better learn about life on-line and how to run a business on-line. We are not a fix-it-all, we just get you started, and then if you see fit to employ our services again for marketing, promoting, and updating your website we are more than happy for your business. Each service has a price and if your not satisfied then we are happy to return your money.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design includes Logo Design, Header Design, Buttons and Navigation Tools Design. All headers, logos and buttons are designed to the customers specifications. This includes animated gifs, flash or other media types that are available. Price is usually tailored to the Logo, Header or Buttons that are to be designed.

Banner Design

Banner ads are essentially the same thing as hypertext links, except that instead of text, the link is displayed as a box containing graphics (usually with textual elements) and sometimes animation.

Because it is graphical, a banner is somewhat similar to a traditional ad you would see in newspaper or magazine. Except it has the added ability to bring potential customers directly to your Web site with one click. It can also present multiple images, including animation and change appearance in a number of other ways to show more of what you want your customers to see.

If you would like to see more of what Webgraffiti.ca Web Design in Nanaimo can do for you please visit our website at www.webgraffiti.ca